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small, light and indestructible
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May I

Cause no damage to anyone

And leave behind only music and beauty

After each of my visits

(Australian Aborigine song)















A response to the natural needs of man, music, sound, vibrations in general… the voice.


It is the music of expert musicians, the music that is played by our cells, our DNA, our organs, by this body-orchestra which resonates with the sensitive universe. With music it's possible to find joy again, and if you are going through a moment of sadness, music can be the vibrational force that allows you to tune into joy, contacting your lost vitality, bringing beauty into your life.

And you don't need to go far: our voice, so sincere in making you feel how you are, beyond words, it is a marvellous instrument of musical creativity, possesses an expressive potential that you can't even imagine; an efficient evolutionary instrument for our conscience; an incredible source of beneficial vibrations for our body; a natural source of pleasure, generator of endorphins; amazing releaser of ancient blocked emotions; your voice together with the voices of others, can create an easy access time-space gateway for the mind, which leads you effortlessly into deep meditative states; your voice doesn't need electrical energy to work, you carry it easily with you wherever you go, and it is at your service, through its vibrations which touch all the levels of your existence....from the physical, to the emotive, to the mental, to the spiritual.

In the thousands of daily commitments that we mechanically carry out, immersed in useless repetitive thoughts, a high sound,  like that of a wind chime, can bring us in an instant, into a state of awareness, a simple sound, can bring you back to the here and now, to that which is really important to you.






What we can offer you:



- The Way of the Gong: the Sound Training


- Conferences on the healing powers of sound


- Courses in harmonic singing (first and second level)


- Research for the PERSONAL NOTE


- Courses with teachers specialised in educating and discovering the voice


- Biovoice Seminars


- Production and sale of hand-crafted wind chimes; chair for meditation


- Sound Baths with Gongs and other Ancestral Instruments (first and second listening levels)


- Individual Sound Massages


- Musical Cds for meditation, sound massage, the practice in harmonic singing and the voice in general.








- CD (available at